Margiela Inspired Nails

After attending the Kanye West “Yeezus” Tour, and witnessing in the flesh how beautifully amazing the head masks that Belgian fashion designer Martin Margiela created for Yeezy, I knew I wanted to try to re-create that on my nails. Continue reading

The Used & Taking Back Sunday Lights Up Hollywood

Everytime I listen to Taking Back Sunday or The Used, it just makes me reminisce about my days in high school. Where my friends and I wore black cut off gloves, skin tight jeans (the skinnier they were, the cooler we thought you were ha), with our waterproof black eyeliner, and side swept bangs…Oh yeah, baby! Those were the days.

It’s been years since I attended a show. So when I drove by the Hollywood Palladium one day, I saw that Taking Back Sunday and The Used were having a show together soon…Uhm, who the hell would pass up a show like that?! Now, originally, I would have purchased the tickets myself, but I undoubtedly won a bet with a friend. So he bought me two tickets to the show which allowed me to bring a friend.  And of course it would be a sold out show. It’s The Used and Taking Back Sunday! Your grandma probably went too! Continue reading

So I went to Kanye West’s “Yeezus” Tour.

It’s been awhile since I last posted, however that is not because I haven’t wanted to. Go Daddy tried to screw me over once my domain name expired. They tried to scam me out of $80 for what they call a “redemption fee” because I had mistakenly let my domain name lapse for 12 days. There was no way in hell I was paying them that, so I had to wait out for my domain to hit the auction block, and ended up acquiring back my domain name for $20. Screw you, Go Daddy! Deandra – 1 / Go Daddy – 0.

Back to the post at hand… Saturday, November 30th, 2013 I set out on an adventure to Tampa, FL to catch Kanye West’s “The Yeezus Tour” with opening act Kendrick Lamar. And what a show it was! Continue reading

Emmys Red Carpet Hits & Misses

I am a HUGE TV fan. I have come to the conclusion that I enjoy television shows more than movies simply due to the fact that a TV show gets to develop the story and its characters in much greater detail than a movie does, therefore the audience has more time to get attached. Don’t get me wrong – I loooove movies too! But I find myself more enthralled with certain shows than movies.

Last night was the Emmy Awards honoring the best in television. Continue reading

Tonight’s the Night. (For the End.)

8 years and 8 seasons later…we are finally here: The End of Dexter. At the very least, the end of the show. This show has had it’s ups and downs as far as being really really good or being just okay, but despite all of that I am super sad it’s ending. (Another show of mine is ending – Breaking Bad – but we’ll talk about that next week.)

I have followed this show religiously for years now, and have become attached to the characters. (Dexter especially.) Now, these characters will no longer be on my television every Sunday for 12 weeks at a time. It’s quite strangely sad for me. Continue reading